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Sunday Meditation Service – February 23rd

A cloudy Sunday for a group meditation. Melissa, Kim, Ellen and Frank had came for the meditation service. Melissa had led the group into a deep meditation. We did some energization exercises followed up Maha Mudra. Melissa read us a beautiful passage from Yogananda about polishing the diamond through meditation to get to know God. We chanted three songs played … Read More

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Sunday Meditation Service – February 16th

Another beautiful cloudy Sunday as we welcome Frank back from his Kriya initiation at Ananda Village in Nevada City. Satyavan led us through today’s meditation. We started with some energization exercises to consciously control the energy flowing through our body within. Then we did three sets of Maha Mudra to get in tuned with our astral spine before we sat … Read More

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Sunday Meditation Service – February 2nd

Beautiful Sunday on 2/2. Steven, Ellen and Frank attended the Sunday meditation service. Steven had led the service with a guided energization exercises followed up two chants (Sri Yogananda and Sri Ram) before we went deep into our meditation. In between the chant, Steven read a passage of the Essence of Self-Realization by Yogananda about karma. We came out of … Read More

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