Week 2 of remote Sunday group meditation as we improved our process. Ellen had generously upgraded her zoom account so we can have up to 24 hours of meeting.

Today we are joined by Ellen, Satyavan, Elsa, Kim, Melissa and Frank at now 10AM on another cloudy Sunday.

We energized with a Youtube video from Gyandev before Ellen read a fitting passage from Man’s Eternal Quest by Paramhansa Yogananda.

It was talking about the balance between being cautious and paralyzed by fear. Fear is real as much as our mind makes it out to be. We should always keep a look out on the sneaky and pesky fear that sprout out at any given time especially in a time of crisis like the whole world is experiencing right now due to the Coronavirus.

When our fear virus takes control of our mind, we stop viewing the objective reality and our lens of truth is distorted. Whatever that comes out of that is so powerful that we make it a reality through the power of our mind.

I was reminded by a story of a man who thought he had a terminal disease when he was perfectly fine. He held himself in a hotel room and kept brewing over the thought of his impending death. A week later, they had found dead on his bed. He literally thought himself to death. That’s how powerful our mind can be manifesting even falsehood into reality.

This is why it’s imperative for everyone to stay positive and think positive thoughts as well as sending healing thoughts to your surrounding environment and even around the whole world.

Anyways, we chanted and prayed before we dove deep down into our meditation.

After 35 minutes of meditation, we sent healing prayers to our friends and family as well as the greater community of mankind and Mother Earth.

Our virtual satsang was a discussion on our current living situation. We can only make and do what we can with what the Universe has placed us to be. Might as well make the best of it and smile at God’s Drama 🙂


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