On another cloudy yet mild-weathered Sunday, we gathered together to meditate.

Kim, Ellen and Frank were present for the occasion. Kim had led the meditation by the way of digital technology 🙂

Gyandev led us through our energization exercises followed up Maha Mudra.

Before we went deep in our meditation, Kim shared with us some passages about the similarities between Jesus Christ’s teachings and the yogic teachings – in particular the concept of Holy Ghost and AUM.

Both describe the same thing as everything in the Universe is made up of energy which is the Holy Ghost or AUM.

It’s interesting to note that God sends Self-Realized Guru throughout different time periods in different parts of the world. And the Guru can only teach in the concept that is native to the people’s understanding at the time. That’s also why the Guru will use metaphors to describe the Truth in a way that can be understood in different layers of depth per each soul’s journey on the spiritual path.

We chanted I Am OM” by Gurubhakti Bros.


The meditation was still and deep as the room was reiki’ed by Kim prior.

At the end, we sent out two healing prayers.

First, to our friends and family – in particular Melissa who has recently came down with something and Steven who is driving to/from Dallas with his family.

Finally, we sent prayers to the whole world as the corona virus is spreading throughout the world. We prayed that Divine Mother will heal the Earth as well as every being on it.


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