Dear Great Souls,

This Saturday’s class on Beginning Meditation – Hong Sau Technique is being postponed to April, date and time TBD at this time. I will keep you posted.

Today I was again reminded that people are so much more than personalities and egos. What we call our personalities — I’d go so far as to say, even our personal energy fields — are ever in flux, responsive to whatever the situation at hand calls forth. Though you could say this is common wisdom, it nevertheless really impresses me when I actually observe it.

In this case, a certain coach in my son’s life was observed to be, all season long, a bit of a curmudgeon. He exuded the energy of a grumpy old man who liked to yell at his Freshman team. From day one, the team was anything but cohesive, spirited, or hopeful. They lost nearly every game, sometimes by as much as 50 – 80 points. I personally never witnessed him utter encouraging words or exude dynamic body language except in anger. My son said he chewed them out all the time. He said he wished just once his coach would say, “You got this!” or “I know you can beat them!” “Shake it off!” or “I believe in you!”. Everyone was frustrated and just longing for the last game, which is today. We all blamed the coach for not leading in the right way.

Today I attended a beautiful funeral for my friend’s mother– it was solemn yet uplifting, sober yet peaceful. I met this coach afterwards in the lobby, and so surprised to see him, I had to actually ask if it was him! In this setting, we hugged, we smiled, we laughed, we shared how we were connected to the family. I learned the grandsons of the deceased were his best friends growing up, which meant he is only in his late 20s! A big guy with a thick beard, he looked much older and certainly acted in a way I didn’t associate with a young person. Standing together in this setting, I was amazed to feel the love and sensitivity emanating from his personal energy. We spoke positively about our hope for this evening’s game. As I left, I was struck by how this one person is so different while coaching a losing team that doesn’t like him or each other very much, compared to being surrounded by people who know and cherish him, not to mention the high vibrations of the spiritual space we were standing in. Grumpy old man to radiant, loving youth — don’t we all carry those parts of ourselves? I was so humbled by this experience.

Meditation practice nourishes all parts of our physical brains, pure heart-feelings, and the deepest core of our energy field. Over time, it helps us become used to those best parts of us, so they become more and more our default operating mode. By meditating together, we bring out the best in each other, as we dive deep into who we are meant to be.

Where: Be Well Yoga Studio
1906 W. Koenig Lane
Austin, TX 78756

When: Sundays 10:00 – 11:15 a.m.

What: Energization, prayer, chanting, meditation, affirmations, healing prayers. We’ll guide you!

Details: Park behind the house. Look for the driveway between Be Well Yoga and Bare Body Day Spa to park in back. It’s OK to park behind 1908 as well and walk through the gate. Take the outside staircase up to the deck to enter the yoga studio. Bathrooms can be accessed through the downstairs back door. Suggested love offering $10 for rent. Venmo: @Kim-Pradhan or cash, check, or Zelle works as well.

Afterwards: Optional brunch at Brentwood Social House, walking distance down Koenig Lane.

Joy is within us,
for Ananda Austin,

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