Dear Friends,

What are you reading these days? I’ve been working through a little book called Awake and Ready: How to Work with Energy and Motivate Anyone by Susan Dermond (Crystal Clarity, 2023) It describes how the most effective method of motivation depends on the energy of the one you want to motivate.

Personal energy vibrations are generally categorized into Heavy, Ego-Active, and Light energies. Someone with a heavy, stony resistance to self-improvement could be activated by an external, authoritative push — a wish to avoid punishment, for instance, would be the necessary impetus to break their rock of lethargy or apathy. This kind of motivation is often seen — the threat of pain or punishment is used broadly and too easily in myriad situations by people of power.

However, it does not work well for those of ego-active or light energy, who need instead redirection, inspiration, rest, or validation to work through their blocks. When not stifled or wounded by the heavy hand of threat, these individuals can bring amazing accomplishments to fruition. This style of motivational leadership requires savvy, sensitivity, and a bit of intuition. The mastery of one’s own energies in order to stay positive and creative in the attempt to motivate another — or yourself — is not easy, but oh such good work!

Meditation works directly and profoundly on our consciousness and energy — raising it ever higher even without our awareness. Please come join us tomorrow and every Sunday morning as we meditate and uplift each other in joy and peace.

Where: Be Well Yoga Studio
1906 W. Koenig Lane
Austin, TX 78756

When: Sundays 10:00 – 11:15 a.m.

What: Energization, prayer, chanting, meditation, affirmations, healing prayers

Details: Park behind the house. Look for the driveway between Be Well Yoga and Bare Body Day Spa to park in back. It’s OK to park behind 1908 as well and walk through the gate. Take the outside staircase up to the deck to enter the yoga studio. Bathrooms can be accessed through the downstairs back door. Suggested love offering $10 for rent. Venmo: @Kim-Pradhan or cash, check, or Zelle works as well.

Afterwards: Optional brunch at Brentwood Social House, walking distance down Koenig Lane.

Joy is within us,
for Ananda Austin,

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