today I will meditate

Today I Will Meditate

Dear Ones, As Inner Renewal Week roles on, here is a prayer from Paramhansa Yogananda to renew our resolve to meditate deeply everyday. I find it deeply inspiring, and feel (I think everyone will agree) that the most important word in the entire prayer is perhaps the word “Today.” Let us ask ourselves: “Have we been meditating deeply everyday?” If not, let … Read More


Discover Your True Nature in Silence

Here are some wonderful precepts from Paramhansa Yogananda on How to elicit a Divine response through the interplay of devotion and meditation: Discover Your True Nature in Silence From How to Awaken your True Potential by Paramhansa Yogananda ~~ Meditation is complete relaxation, the only way to know God. You can do everything else but meditate, and you will never find that … Read More


What is Perfect Joy? – A Story from Saint Francis

Paramhansa Yogananda often called Saint Francis his “patron saint.” Here, Saint Francis teaches one of his most advanced disciple, Brother Leo, about “True” spiritual progress, which consists, not of experiencing “phenomena”. but of achieving the state of unshakeable joy. Yogananda called this the ability to “stand unshaken amidst the crash of breaking worlds.” The intensity of St. Francis’ joyous renunciation … Read More

austin yogananda

“Will Power” stories from Paramhansa Yogananda’s Life

From the Chapter “The Guru’s Reminiscences”, The New Path by Swami Kriyananda Talk turned one evening to the attributes of success. “Will power,” Master told us, “is more important to success than knowledge, training, or even native ability. Some people, when you shake them, reply with a groan, ‘Don’t bother me; I’m sleeping.’ Others wake up a little bit, but if you … Read More

signs of spiritual progress

Signs of Spiritual Progress

One of the most common mistakes on the spiritual path is to equate progress with psychic phenomena of various kinds. Visions, voices, and other mental or psychic phenomena are no sign in themselves of genuine exaltation of consciousness. The basis of all true progress is right attitude. If you are becoming more kind, more self-giving, more calm, you may be … Read More


Hide and Seek: Find the Mountain Lion

Hi everyone, I was somehow led to this wonderful post from the Fish and Wildlife Service, where they ask you to locate the hidden mountain lion. I couldn’t locate it until I received a hint or two (or more!), and then, there it was! Once I saw it, I wondered how I’d missed it. It reminded me of the … Read More