Yet another cloudy Sunday as the first day after the Day Light Savings time change. A few earnest truth seekers totally forgot about the time change and couldn’t make it to the meditation. It happens 🙂

Steven, Kim and Frank were present and the service was led by Steven.

We started off with the energization exercises led by Steven before we did a few sets of the Maha Mudra.

We chanted Blue Lotus Feet” by Paramhansa Yogananda which was a beautiful recording led by Swami Kriyananda. It had led us to a very serene and peaceful state.

Steven had read a passage from The Whisper of Eternity by Yogananda and it was about demanding God to reveal Himself to you as a divine right because you’re a child of Him and not a beggar or outsider getting something that’s not truly yours.

All of that led us in a nice calm state to dive down to our meditation into the depth of our own inner state.

We came out of our meditation with some AUM chanting along with an affirmation about Truth. Truth is reality as it is either we like it or not, hurled in anger or in love. So it’s up to us to accept and surrender to that Truth regardless of our mind’s preference.

We send our healing prayer to all souls in need of healing particular to humanity as a whole who is battling the corona virus on an everyday basis. May our healing vibration heal down to the cellular level of those bodies who have been infected by the virus… ~AUM~

We had an interesting satsang after our meditation about discipline and love. We discipline our children when they misbehave but the discipline should always stem from a state of love. It’s not that we want to discipline them but it is our duty as a parent to do so for the sake of our children like how God does it through a dramatic event which completely shifts the direction and perspective of how we view life.

Yogananda used to scold his disciples because he viewed it as his duty to do so because his disciples had willingly gave them their permission to their guru. But he had always done so without his personal emotional involvement so he had always scolded them from a place of love like a loving parent. Sometimes he would smilingly chuckle when he turns his back to let others know that he was just playing before returning back to continue the scolding 🙂

So let’s keep that in mind while we discipline ourselves as well by always doing so from a place of love instead of getting our own personal emotions involved 🙂

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