A beautiful day out for a Sunday. Even though most people are staying home, we are graced with magnificent sunlight with gentle breeze for today.

Today we are joined by Kim, Steven, Frank, Ellen and Elsa for our meditation at 10AM.

We energized with a Youtube video from Gyandev before Kim read a passage about the Guru-disciple relationship from the course she was taking on Yogic Teaching of Jesus.

The Guru is a teacher. By taking discipleship under the Guru we are allowing him to work out any kinks we have within us that we otherwise might not have an iota of awareness for. Just as a parent needs to teach a child the abc’s of walking or speaking before running or reading, the Guru is teaching us abc’s the spiritual lessons depending on our current levels as well as our receptivity to our Guru.

That’s why it’s imperative for us to be attuned with our Guru in order to fasten our spiritual growth. God’s mystery is vast and deep. We are but a baby in the learning of His mystery. The Guru slowly guides us on our path for our spiritual growth. He is the guide to decipher that mystery we seek if we allow ourselves to be attuned with the lessons he is trying to teach us.

When we aren’t receptive, it’s like a magnet that isn’t properly magnetized so it’s hard and almost impossible to attract God’s Infinite knowledge. A Self-Realized Guru can magnetize our inner compass if we are willing and surrender ourselves to him. It’s the fastest way to attain Self-Realization 🙂

We chanted Jai Guru before we prayed and meditated for 35 minutes.

Then We sent healing prayers to our friends and family as well as the greater community of mankind and Mother Earth.

Finally, we discussed maybe we could bring up a new theme or topic to meditate upon every week. Everyone is free to suggest if he/she felt inspired to bring up something during the week.

Take a nice neighborhood walk on a beautiful Sunday 🙂


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