Another beautiful cloudy Sunday as we welcome Frank back from his Kriya initiation at Ananda Village in Nevada City.

Satyavan led us through today’s meditation. We started with some energization exercises to consciously control the energy flowing through our body within.

Then we did three sets of Maha Mudra to get in tuned with our astral spine before we sat down to do a chant “Door of My Heart” and a passage from “Whispers From Eternity”.

We dove deep into our own meditation practice as we all practiced Kriya meditation at some point. It was deeply beautiful as the sound of the pancake making downstairs were drowned out by our inner stillness.

We ended our meditation with an affirmation:

My mind is open to truth, whatever its source. True statements remain valid, even if hurled in anger.

We sent some healing prayers through our chanting of AUM.

During our satsang, we recalled each individual’s Kriya initiation and what their own experience was.

truth affirmation

ananda austin sunday meditation

namaste 🙏

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